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Keep the light of your childhood glowing inside you! by Abdelhameed S.Sadeq

Posté par abc10 le 29 janvier 2020

Keep the light and warmth of your early childhood memories glowing,let it glow inside your blooming self .Never extinguish beauty of innocence.Never stop talking to your imaginary friends.
My sweet little self you will wear your heart on your sleeve and will be reminded of it often by many people. It’s ok. This is not your weakness. It’s how you unconditionally want to share your love. You will need to be strong. But don’t let anyone take that away from you. It’s what makes you, you. Never allow the word cynic to be used to describe you.
You will experience a trauma as a child that you will not reconcile until your own child experiences the same inconceivable violation. Just be there for her. Say as little as possible. Wrap your arms around her daily and allow yourself to heal in her own time. Then continue your personal journey to recovery.
Love mommy and papi, and remember they are human and make mistakes forgive them often.
Finally, you will be faced with your mortality, this will change you forever. It’s okay. Every feeling you will have is ok.
You are so much stronger than you may think. After surviving through that please remind yourself of that strength. You don’t need anyone to say the words to you. You must believe you are a warrior!
Never stop telling yourself that no matter how alone you think you maybe. Remember to LOVE YOURSELF. No one can validate you more than you can validate yourself. Even when you feel left behind, you will always have so much to live for, please don’t give up.
You are loved. You are loved. You are loved.
Being alone does not have to mean loneliness.
Reinvent Your exquisite innocence as many times as you want. Always be excited for tomorrow.
I love you my first time cry of innocence.

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