miraculous maths of Azaan (The prayers Calls)الأذان

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Miraculous Maths of Azaan
1. The first Word of Azaan is Allah and last word is Allah : which means the first to last is only Allah the Almighty .
2. The word Azaan is written five times in the whole Quran : We have to offer 5 times prayers(Salât)

3. There are fifty words in total in Azaan : Allah (SwT) asked our prophet Mohammad (Swas) to offer 50 Salât times a day while he travelled in Meraaj .Later our prophet Muhammad (SwS) requested for 5 times prayer in a day .

IN sahih bukhari it is written that if a man gives 5 times prayer ,Allah will gives him the reward of 50 times .
4. There are 17 different words in Azaan :The total reqaat of Farz Namaz is 17 =:2+4+4+3+4

5. The maximum number of word in Azaan is the word « Allah « الله : The letter Alif comes 47 times ,The letter Laam comes 45 times and Haaa comes 20 times , that is 47+45+20=112 ; In Quran the 112th number Suraah is Suraah الإخلاص Ikhlaas in which Allah (SwT) has introduced Himself .
Now match the claims and you will left with all praises for Allah (SwT)

The ten last day in Ramadan 1441

Ramadan 25 th 1441

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