150th anniversary of The Birth of the great Vladimir.Ilyich.LENIN

Posté par abc10 le 1 novembre 2021


150th anniversary of the birth of the great revolutionary leader, Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (1870-1924). Known as « Lenin, » he was the leader of the 1917 October Revolution in Russia, and the father of the USSR and modern Marxist thought.

Lenin’s work in developing Marxism was the most valuable theoretical advance in politics and economics of the 20th century. The elaboration on the Marxist theory of the state, of the role of the vanguard party, on the Marxist theory of imperialism and advances in dialectics are just some of the contributions Lenin made to the understanding of scientific socialism.

Lenin was a man who sacrificed everything in service of the working class. A man who led the working class to their first victory. A man who showed them the path to their emancipation, whose genius and intellect are matched only by the incredibly warm, generous and humble character of his personality.

His name will live on in the hearts of those who want to build a better world.

« We want to achieve a new and better order of society: in this new and better society there must be neither rich nor poor; all will have to work. Not a handful of rich people, but all the working people must enjoy the fruits of their common labour. »
- Lenin


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